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This was a fascinating tour!! We had 3 more days in town, so we started with it in order to get the lay of the land. Our guide, Kevin, was so incredibly knowledgeable & was a perfect fit for what we wanted to accomplish. We traveled to & learned about places that we never would have thought of to check out. I can’t say enough about this great city & tour guide. It completely exceeded our expectations!!!



This tour was great! I wish we did it on our first day in SF instead of our last day, because our tour guide, Kevin, gave us so many suggestions for dinners & things to check out. I loved how we were able to take all the different forms of transit and see so many different things that you wouldn’t normally, if you were exploring on your own.



Our tour with Kevin was GREAT! He is a fabulous tour guide & shared all sorts of fun facts & hidden SF favorites. He didn’t rush us, but made sure the tour ran smoothly. His personality was extremely engaging & made the group feel like old friends. The tour was strategically designed to cover maximum highlights & built in breaks when we took public transit. This tour could not be any better!



Tour is amazing. Our guide, Kevin, was knowledgeable, friendly, courteous & fun. He knows the insider tricks to get the best out of SF – from hidden stairwells, to lost tunnels, to the best street art. Also free fortune cookies :-). 
We got to ride historic cable cars, MUNI & BART. 
We got amazing views of the bay, hills, Golden Gate Bridge & many must-see sights, from unique vantage points beyond the reach of a bus tour. 
This tour is really good value – all transport is included.

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What is S.F. Info? It’s information for visitors to San Francisco, California and the U.S. We created this section of our website to tell you the kinds of things that you’re going to need to know to make the most of your vacation here. From advice on how to get around using public transport, to things to do, to lists of movies that were filmed in places that we go to on our tours, to suggestions on bars and restaurants. Since we started offering tours we’ve been asked thousands of questions by our guests and they’ve often said that they wished they’d been able to ask us some of those questions before coming – so with S.F. Info we’re giving you the answers in advance.

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San Francisco has so many activities and attractions that it's simply not possible to do them all, so let's talk about what you AREN'T going to do here. Our list of 10 Things Not to Do in San Francisco will undoubtedly help you eliminate some items and make the most of your time in S.F.

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