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The San Francisco Scoop is designed by us to take you inside SF, whether you’re visiting or you live here. From current-affairs inspired articles on Southern California’s history, to our suggestions on the best things to do in SF every month, via inside information on authentic experiences and events, we give you the essential scoop on the Bay Area.

And if you’re a visitor looking for more specific information related to your trip here, such as locations at which famous movies have been filmed, to a list of the best family activities in San Francisco or how to navigate the city using public transport, don’t forget to check S.F. Info.

A Short History Of Nob Hill

September 25, 2021

San Francisco is one of many cities around the world that claim to be built on seven hills (for some reason it’s always seven), going back all the way to ancient Athens and Rome. In our case the ‘The Seven Hills of San Francisco’ are Telegraph Hill, Nob Hill, Russian Hill, Rincon Hill, Twin Peaks, Mount Davidson and Lone Mountain or Mount Sutro. At…

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The Original Chinatown: San Francisco

July 21, 2021

A “Chinatown” is defined as an ethnic enclave of people of Chinese background, that is outside China itself. From the 1830’s onwards a large, and growing, number of them have popped up all over the world, in cities like New York, London, Los Angeles and Melbourne. The oldest in the Western world is considered to…

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How To Ride SF Cable Cars & Trams

October 22, 2021

One of the first things that pops into most people’s minds when they hear the words “San Francisco” is an image of a cable car. It’s considered an indelible element of the city. Many visitors coming here already want to take a ride on one, to experience some of its romance. And why not? They…

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San Francisco’s Barbary Coast Today

July 21, 2021

Barbary Coast was the name given to a neighborhood of San Francisco, more or less encompassing Pacific Avenue (then known as Pacific Street) between Montgomery and Stockton Streets, from the 1860’s to the early 1900’s. Adjacent to Chinatown, the area was infamous for the easy availability of almost every vice known to man (and woman)…

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The Best Things To Do In SF In July 2021

July 21, 2021

There are usually a ton of things happening in the Bay Area during the summer, but the Coronavirus Pandemic has clearly had a huge impact on that (as we all know). Still, as things hopefully begin to return to normal, some events – actual live events – are starting to appear. So what are the…

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