10 Best Things To Do In SF In August

best things to do in SF in August

August is a great month to be in San Francisco. It’s usually warm (sometimes even hot) and the weather’s just a tiny bit more reliable, so here in the Bay Area you just have to make the most of that to get OUT! There are always a lot of events going on in SF, and…

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10 Best Things To Do In SF In July

best things to do in SF in July

July marks street fair season in San Francisco, with a lot of outdoor events and concerts, such as the Stern Grove Festival. There are always a ton of things happening in the Bay Area during the summer and the onset of July means that there are even more fun things to do in the great…

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Fisherman’s Wharf SF: Cafe’s To Carousels

Fisherman's Wharf

Almost everyone coming to San Francisco will visit Fisherman’s Wharf while here, it’s our Times Square or Hollywood Walk of Fame. And like them it can be underwhelming: a few too many tourist traps and well… tourists! Fear not though, a little knowledge goes a long way and you can have a stellar experience at…

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10 Best Things To Do In SF In June

North Beach Festival, Best things to do in SF in June

June marks the official beginning of Summer and it’s also LGBTQ+ month, so SF Pride has to take (ahem) pride of place in our line-up of the best things to do in SF in June. Nevertheless, there are plenty of other good options for events and activities in the Bay Area. From street festivals, to…

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Fatty Arbuckle Affair: Celebrity Sex Scandal

Fatty Arbuckle

Location: St Francis Hotel Long before anyone had ever heard of Fatty Arbuckle the St Francis Hotel opened in 1904 on Union Square, built as an investment vehicle for Charles Crocker’s grandchildren. Crocker was one of the ‘Big Four’ that had dominated San Francisco in the nineteenth century and, although he had died ten years…

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10 Best Things To Do In SF In May

Best things to do in SF in May

With the advent of May Spring slowly starts to turn into Summer. This is a great time to be in San Francisco as the days get warmer and longer, and there are some really cool events happening in San Francisco this month. There’s Cinco de Mayo, the Bay to Breakers run, Giants games and Carnaval.…

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How To Ride SF Cable Cars & Trams

San Francisco cable cars

One of the first things that pops into most people’s minds when they hear the words “San Francisco” is an image of a cable car (the other one is the Golden Gate Bridge obviously). It’s considered an indelible element of the city and many visitors coming here already want to take a ride on one,…

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10 Best Things To Do In SF In April

Best things to do in SF in April

“San Francisco in the Spring” may not quite have the ring of “Paris in the Spring”, but it is a great time to be in the Bay Area. Weather’s getting warmer and a little more predictable, days are longer, and there are – as you might expect – a lot of things to do here.…

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Big Alma: From Poor Nude Model To Rich Art Patron

In the center of Union Square, on a very high column, is a statue of Nike, the Greek Goddess of Victory. If you read the inscription at the base you’ll find that it’s dedicated to Admiral George Dewey, victor of the Battle of Manila Bay in 1898, during the Spanish-American War. Big deal, you may…

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Nob Hill: SF’s Posh Neighborhood

Nob Hill

San Francisco is one of many cities around the world that claim to be built on seven hills (for some reason it’s always seven), going back all the way to ancient Athens and Rome. In our case the ‘The Seven Hills of San Francisco’ are Telegraph Hill, Nob Hill, Russian Hill, Rincon Hill, Twin Peaks, Mount Davidson and Lone Mountain or Mount…

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